Plug & Play Digital Content for K-12

MediaCAST provides you with the unique option of selecting what content you would like in your digital library. By purchasing one or more of the digital content packages, you allow teachers and students immediate access to tens of thousands of digital media titles. Some schools may want to purchase an empty digital library platform, but the encoding of analog to digital content takes time. If you supplement your analog resources with Plug & Play content, you can take full advantage of your new MediaCAST system right away. 

All of the content from the publishers listed comes with detailed metadata for easy searching, copyright and licensing and state standards integration.

Digital Content Packages

 Discovery Education

Discovery Education's best-in class contnet takes students beyond the classroom. With unparalleled access to the world’s premier educational media, Discovery Education delivers top-quality solutions that engage students and inspire life-long learning. Robust professional development, assessment services that foster data-driven decision making, and a passionate educator community, coupled with high-quality, engaging content, are the key ingredients that have led their partners to measurable increases in student achievement. Find out why over half of all U.S. schools can call Discovery Education a partner in transforming traditional classrooms to digital classrooms at


 NBC Learn

Over 13,000 video resources targeted for K12 - short 2 to 5 minute videos are engaging, relevant and inspiring, and help students develop critical thinking skills. Emmy award-winning original video - NBC Learn series including "Science of NFL Football," "Science of the Olympic Winter Games," "Chemistry NOW!" and "Finishing the Dream: Learning from the Civil Rights Era." Learn more at

CCC! From New Dimension Media is a digital library filled with core curriculum media created specifically for K-12 classrooms. CCC! is comprised of over 3,000 titles with hundreds of new titles added each year. Recent additions to the CCC! library include thirteen episodes of Bill Nye’s "Eyes of Nye" and 40 BBC Motion Gallery science and environment titles.
Visit the CCC! website


Learn 360 is an educational content provider that recently upgraded their library to include over 8,300 video titles.  Along with video, Learn360 offers audio files, images and supplemental materials.
Visit the Learn360 website