MediaBroadcasters are high-performance encoding and media streaming hardware devices. Designed to convert analog and digital video/audio into a wide range of streaming formats, they are ideal for on-demand access and live IP broadcasting. They are compatible with most AV sources including, cameras, camcorders and cable/satellite/private channel TV, and are configured to encode into most industry-standard formats including Windows Media, H.264/MPEG4, Flash Video, QuickTime, Real, MPEG1 and MPEG2.

MediaBroadcasters are most commonly used in digital IPTV delivery. These devices also allow users to record and store live TV for on-demand viewing. They are scalable and modular so as the demand for more channels grows, so too can your MediaBroadcaster array. With its built-in hard drive, there is no limit to how many live broadcasts can be captured and added to your MediaCAST digital library concurrently. The system can be configured to perform both Unicast and Multicast streaming.

Specifications & Configurations

MediaBroadcasters are 1U rack-mount devices available in a range of configurations:
  • Single Channel SD & HD
  • Dual Channel SD & HD
  • Quad Channel SD

Download the MediaBroadcaster Spec PDF



  • Single, dual and quad-channel models available in a 1U, rack-mount, form-factor with 72-300GB of storage
  • Configurations are available for redundant, hot-swappable drives and power for your mission-critical applications
  • Supports encoding and conversion of streaming formats including Widows Media, QuickTime, real, MPEG1, 2, 4, Flash Video and H.264 based on specific model
  • Ability to simultaneously broadcast video live while capturing it for on-demand viewing