The MediaCAST ViewerTM is a small-form factor, Intel x86 hardware-based set top decoder. It is used with the Kiosk Central add-on module to playback streaming video, audio and other digital media content over the Ethernet/IP network. It decodes and plays content originating from the digital library and digital IPTV channels for output to displays. The Viewer supports a wide range of displays including TVs, LCDs, projectors and plasma screens. 

The MediaCAST platform interface allows for complete control of media playback on Viewer displays. A hand-held remote or wireless mouse and keyboard can be used for on-screen menu navigation and digital library access.

One significant advantage of the MediaCAST Viewer over traditional set tops is its ability to support the playback of a wide-range of digital media and electric content file formats. See tab below for a sample list of supported formats.  Together, the MediaCAST Viewer and Kiosk Central create a scalable digital signage solution, perfect for any size organization.


Viewer Specifications

Video MPEG 4, H.264/AVC
Audio MP3
Live Media Multicast & unicast live streaming
Documents Adobe PDF, ePub, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Text docs
Presentations PowerPoint, Google Slides
Images JPG, GIF, PNG and more
Web Sites http, https, HTML
Additional Formats Requires the particular software application to be installed on the Viewer
  • 802.11 b/g internal card and external antenna
  • Wall-mount bracket or shelf bracket options for placement behind, above or below LCD, TV or projector
  • IR Interface Kit for operation via handheld remote and emitter for control of IR compatible display devices
  • USB keyboard/mouse combination