LDAP Authentication, Google Sign in Integration

The user authentication module lets organizations that already have a group management system utilize current usernames, passwords and permission information in MediaCAST. This allows end users to log in to MediaCAST with their existing username and password.

This connection eliminates the need to re-enter usernames and rekey group membership information. Users are happy because they don't have a new login to remember, and support staff is happy to have only one login to keep track of.

The module comes complete with security management tools for administrators. Users can be assigned one or more user roles based on the functions they need access to. Disabling a user in the client's directory also makes the digital content system inaccessible until the user is reactivated in the client directory.

Pre-set User Roles Available in MediaCAST

  • Super administrator
  • System administrator
  • System manager
  • Supplementary administrator
  • Encoder/live channel manager
  • Instructor or course manager
  • Student or guest (end user)
  • Kiosk channel manager
  • Additional roles (i.e. digital library manager)