MediaCAST Media Appliances™ store and stream video, audio and other digital media across a wide range of formats. They are comprised of integrated hardware and software that run the streaming server applications and other MediaCAST programs. The system utilizes high-performance, industry-standard server hardware designed with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance for robust enterprise-wide deployments. A wide range of hardware configurations are available based on the scope of the project including number of concurrent streams and storage capacity.

Media Appliances are available in different configurations ranging from 100 to 300 concurrent on-demand streams at DVD-quality (2Mb/s). Each device can support thousands of broadband-quality on-demand streams, and audio streams. Configurations include from 600 hours to 4,000 hours of DVD-quality video storage, which can be expanded by adding Media Monsters for each Media Appliance for up to 50,000 hours of storage from each media server farms. Multiple media server farms are supported along with load-balancing for limitless scalability in both number of concurrent streams and storage capacity.

Media Appliance Models

Download the Media Appliance Spec PDF

  • MCAST-MA-IRID – 16 TB usable, RAID5 (RAID6 if you want to commit to it)
  • MCAST-MA-TITAN – 10 TB usable, RAID5
  • MCAST-MA-GOLD – 5 TB usable, RAID5
  • MCAST-MA-VM – Virtualized for up to 500 streams