Whether you want to broadcast graduation over the internet from a wireless backpack, create professional multi-camera HD morning announcements, or just broadcast a class to students at different locations, MediaCAST has a live broadcasting IP solution for you.

Like all MediaCAST products, the broadcasting hardware is scalable. Adding classrooms? Add OnLocation Carts. Have a concurrent award ceremony and football game? Broadcast and record both with two SportsCAST sets. 

They can also be used to help organizations save money. Bring SportsCAST along on field trips and let future students experience that destination virtually. You can use broadcasts as fundraisers for athletic teams or clubs by making content available pay-per-view. For K12 institutions, save time and money busing advanced middle schoolers to high school for classes. Instead broadcast the high school class to the middle school. For Higher Ed, broadcast classes to other campuses, expanding the availability of specialized classes.

MediaCAST Broadcast Encoder Hardware Family

The MediaBroadcasterTM is a high-performance encoding and media streaming device designed to convert analog and digital video/audio into a wide range of streaming formats for on-demand access and live IP broadcasting.  MediaBroadcasters are most commonly used for IP-based digital TV delivery.  For more information go to the MediaBroadcaster page.

MediaEncoders allow traditional A/V sources to be captured, converted and streamed over IP networks. Desktop encoders (rack-mount and mobile versions available as well) can produce the full range of video qualities including HD, and can be configured to support the latest streaming formats including, Windows Media, Flash, QuickTime, Real and MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4/H.264 formats. Built-in DVD burners and USB ports make it easy to ingest content or archive files.  Go to the Desktop MediaEncoder page.

As a mobile cart, OnLocation is your complete encoding solution. It can be rolled around to broadcast and record video from rooms, auditoriums and arenas. Encoded content and live broadcasts originating from OnLocation are available within the MediaCAST digital repository.  OnLocation is also configured to convert traditional analog media into one or more digital formats. The digital streaming formats are industry-standard and optimized for IP streaming. It will easily convert CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, camcorders and other video sources.


Rack-mount hardware encoder, VHS/DVD deck, and storage drawer all come standard. Optional wireless microphones and camcorder are available, as are configurations for Windows Media®, Flash, H.264, Mpeg 1, 2, 4, Quicktime® and Real® Media formats.  Go to the OnLocation Cart Page

SportsCAST is a plug & play wireless broadcasting product that lets you to broadcast from virtually anywhere. Rugged and easy to use, students can broadcast and record sporting events, go ‘in the field’ for on-scene news reporting, and expand the opportunities for journalism, drama and media clubs.  For more information visit the SportsCAST page.

MediaEncoders can broadcast live streams or publish them through a Media Appliance. This is advantageous because the MediaEncoder will not require a public IP address when live broadcasting over the Internet or through a firewall. This also provides limitless scalability in concurrent viewing especially when unicast is needed for Internet broadcasting of live events. The MediaCAST system supports both unicast and multicast live streaming video delivery and unicast on-demand video delivery.

If your organization is required to meet the Federal mandate of Section 508 you must have a solution for capture and display of closed captioning information for the deaf and hearing impaired. MediaCAST MediaEncoders and peripheral equipment can be configured to achieve this in several ways. If the source media does not include closed-captioning (as in internally created content) MediaCAST Caption™ is a Web-enabled tool allowing clients to create a synchronized transcript of the video or audio media.