Multi-Format Digital Content Storage and Delivery

Today's learning tools come in a wide variety of formats, and switching between them during class can be cumbersome and time consuming. MediaCAST's content management platform is designed to store and deliver all commonly used digital formats including, video, audio, ebooks, podcasts, websites, Word documents, PowerPoint files, Flash documents, images, streaming H.264 and electronic whiteboard products by SMART®, Promethean® and Interwrite®. Users can search for and sort content by format, title, author, publisher, grade range, category and topic. Quick access tabs let users view their favorites, their uploaded files, their reservations and their saved digital TV files.

MediaCAST's Fair Use Manager, copyright compliance and digital rights management tools enable you to manage, track, license, protect, report on content usage and stay in compliance with copyright and TEACH Act regulations.  Managing your digital content has never been easier with MediaCAST's multi-format content management platform.

Digital Content Management Interface


  • Easy-to-use platform for schools to upload and manage existing content, newly created content and plug & play content direct from publishers
  • Correlate content to one or more sets of Education Standards
  • Digital Rights Management and Fair Use Manager enable copyright compliance
  • MediaCAST supports all major media formats (HD, Windows Media, Flash, Quicktime, Real, MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4/H.264), as well as many other document and eLearning tool files
  • Federated search throughout all formats and third-party content