The platform is the nucleus of the MediaCAST digital content management and video/audio streaming system. This one intuitive interface lets you manage your media throughout its entire life cycle, from creation to multi-user network/internet delivery. The same interface also helps you manage your modules as well, providing an all-around cost-effective solution for your organization's IP visual communication and media streaming needs. 

Version 11 - Available Now

We are excited to announce the release of the newest MediaCAST platform, V11. The interface has been designed to focus primarily on the user-experience and efficiency of navigation. The home page now displays media resources in thumbnail form including title, average user rating, your rating, a pop-up description, category, author, publisher, duration and keyword information. Not sure what you're looking for? The filters allow you to sort your library by a variety of categories and variables, like media type, copyright date and author, just to name a few.

Another exciting new addition to Version 11 is Cloud integration. The Cloud EditionTM lets you host your digital library in the cloud, and allows your organization to have a cloud-hosted backup in case the local network goes down.

Also new for V11 is the color customization feature, where administrators can change the color scheme of the interface to match your organization's. Add an interface title and logo for further customization. 

Click here to request a demo of Version 11. Download the K12 Brochure. Download the Higher Education Brochure.