Display Important Information & Reduce Patient Stress

Many people avoid doctor's offices and hospitals because of the frustrations they encounter before even entering the exam room. Walking into an unfamiliar hospital or doctor's office can be confusing for patients, and they are often unsure where to go or how to find out if they are in the right area. Waiting rooms can also be frustrating. MediaCAST's Kiosk Central digital signage solution combines IP video streaming and information display that alleviates confusion and frustration in waiting patients, while allowing you to promote hospital news and additional services.

Kiosk Central is easy to use and customizable. Build each channel to coordinate with office colors and add a department logo. Web-based tools allow administrators to manage content, playlists and channels independently. Push the right content to the right displays at the right time. By utilizing your existing IP network infrastructure, Kiosk Central adds a large variety of benefits while limiting installation and operating costs.

More Information

The MediaCAST Viewer is a small standard state hardware device that is mounted to TV displays and delivers HD content from the IP network. 


By placing digital signage on display screens in waiting rooms, you can reduce perceived wait times with visually stimulating content, inform patients on new procedures offered by physicians, promote hospital /staff awards and educate patients on tips customized for each department (tips for seniors in winter, foods that promote female reproductive health etc.).

Easily alleviate new patient and visitor stress while reducing late appointment arrivals by displaying maps that help them navigate the building. With Kiosk Central, you can provide date & time, weather forecasts, calendars, ticker tape text information, live video feeds or media on a customizable display. You can use this space to market partner medical centers or build patient confidence by displaying physician awards and accolades. The possibilities are many, and can be changed with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Patients and visitors aren't alone in benefiting from Kiosk Central digital displays. HIPAA and other regulatory measures have increased the complexity of patient handling and have made it critical for staff to stay up to date with procedures and hospital policies. By combining MediaCAST's video encoding appliances and content management software, Kiosk Central makes it easy to distribute staff training to break rooms and heavily trafficked faculty areas. With our online course creation tool, you can then create staff quizzes on the new procedures and hospital policies.