Multimedia Brings Your Presentation To Life

Gone are the days where prospective customers will happily sit through a static PowerPoint, read through pages of technical specifications or sit through an hour-long phone call while you try to describe your product over the phone. They want to see a product in action. For many companies this required travel to the customer's location, a costly practice. Now, you can have the best of both worlds.

With MediaCAST, you can integrate multimedia and live video feeds into your presentations. The easy-to-use upload wizard allows users to can create media and save it into the digital library. These files can then be called upon with the click of a link in your presentation. For live broadcasts, set up a camera and connect it to a digital TV channel. One click of the channel icon brings up the live feed for everyone to see.

If a picture is worth a thousands words, imagine what a video can do.

Follow Up with Digital Resources

When making a sales pitch, follow-up is crucial. With MediaCAST, you can send potential customers all the information and resources they need in a single document. 

Instead of sending them an overwhelming number of individual documents, send potential customers a single document containing a custom link to each resource as well as a brief explanation of each resource.

This way, you never have to worry about lost documents or confusion about the purpose of each document, email file size never becomes an issue, and best of all, you can track when the documents are viewed in order to time your follow-up conversation appropriately.




  • Create powerful and engaging multimedia infused presentations
  • Reduce sales travel and staff stress
  • Since media files can be accessed from anywhere with internet 24/7 users can easily share content with other decision-makers who were not available for the initial presentation
  • Companies who use forward-thinking technology are often viewed as advanced and prepared for today's fast-changing markets