Streamline New Hire & Employee Training With Online Courses

Implementing on-demand online employee training is one of the easiest ways corporations can save time and money. By recording and archiving training courses in the digital repository, trainers only need to do one set of presentations. Employees can then access the pre-recorded training sessions from anywhere with internet access, 24/7.

With MediaCAST’s online course creation tool, managers can develop entire courses for online access, complete with video files, user generated content, third party resources and quizzes. With its centralized management tools, one person can control the entire employee training system, through the MediaCAST browser interface.

With MediaCAST’s Construct feature, you can create entire courses available online, 24/7. Integrate user-generated content, third party content, PowerPoints, videos, images, diagrams and documents into your course and deliver an online quiz on the information. Trainers can monitor employee progress without having to be present at each training session. 

Keeping staff up to date on policies and procedures is a frustration of many companies, especially those with multiple offices. MediaCAST lets you maintain an up-to-date library of learning materials and even reports on which users have seen the material.   

Breaking into a new international market?  Provide culture and language courses on-demand so employees can learn in their free time and at their own pace. 

Few elements of business are more important than customer satisfaction. With MediaCAST, it is easy to set up an online repository of training materials for current customers to access at their leisure. Adding material like tech tips, application suggestions and tutorials builds customer trust and increases the perceived quality of your product and brand.